How to Permanently Erase All iPhone Data on Mac

Some days ago, Apple Corp released a special edition of iPhone 7. Its color is red. This is a surprise to many iPhone users. Because the red iPhone is never seen before. I am a iPhone fan. Of course I can't miss the red iPhone. So I bought one from the Apple Store. Some people think red is too vulgar, but I think it's special. I'm tempted by the red iPhone.

Because I have been using the white iPhone 7, how to deal with my old iPhone 7? Considering everything, I decided to give my old iPhone 7 to my friend. However, before that, I need to permanently delete all the data in iPhone 7. Although I trust my friends, after all, a lot of data are related to my privacy. So, is there a convenient way to permanently delete all iPhone data on Mac?

iOS Full Data Eraser can permanently erase all the data from iPhone with a click. In addition, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch and other iOS devices can also use it. It can be used for the latest iOS devices and systems. You can easily delete all the data in iPhone, just one-click. The whole process is very simple, only three steps. What's more, once you use it to delete the data, the deleted content is not recoverable, they will permanently disappear. Therefore, these data are also safe.


Steps to Permanently Erase All Data from iPhone on Mac

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac

First, you need to download and install the program on Mac. After running it, here shows all the features. And you need to select and click "Full Data Eraser".

Then, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to Mac, and when the program recognizes your device, it will display "iPhone is connected, please click "Erase" to start.

Step 2. Start erasing your iPhone completely and permanently

Then, click the "Erase" button directly, the program will begin to erase all the data in iPhone.

Note: Because this process is irreversible, in other words, you'd better backup data from iPhone before wiping it, once the wiping process completed, your iPhone will like a blank sheet of paper, nothing can be restored.

Step 3. Confirm your operation and wait for the data erased

The program will also pop up a window before the data is erased, and you need to enter "delete" to confirm your operation. Because once the program starts deleting your data, they will disappear forever. After entering "delete", click "Erase Now". This process will take you a few minutes, please wait patiently.

When the data in iPhone is permanently erased, the program will display "Erase completely". Now, your iPhone is fully erased and turns into a new device with no content.

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