Samsung i9300 No Signal (No Service) IMEI 004999010640000 Repair

This is old solution but you may need it, how to repair no signal on Samsung i9300 with IMEI 004999010640000, no need to full flash the phone. First, make sure you have checked that there's modem exist with dial *#1234# and check also baseband at setting menu. If all is good then you are ready to go.

How to Repair No Signal with IMEI 004999010640000?
  1. Root Samsung i9300 by flashing with Odin
  2. Write Samsung i9300 EFS file (download at the bottom of this post)
  3. Repair IMEI (take a look from back casing)
  4. Patch Certificate
These steps will allow you to root, repair EFS, repair IMEI and patch certificate Samsung i9300 and for safe way, you can do backup first the EFS before write. Unfortunately, you need professional tool to do this.

Samsung i9300 EFS File

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