40mbps USA Server HNH Config for Globe and TM

40mbps USA Server HNH config for Globe and TM

HNH are config files utilized by HTTP Net Header, an anonymity tool by globalssh which is used to modify requests and access blocked websites behind ISP firewall with SSH/proxy support. HNH also contains settings that configure HTTP Net Header.

Download 40MBPS USA SERVER HNH Config for Globe and TM

Download 40mbps-usa-server.hnh

HNH Config details:
* 40mbps USA Server : Fast video streaming, downloads and browsing.
* Expires June 6, 2017

* Globe and TM Sim
* 3G/4G/LTE
* Promo needed, see list of promos for VPN then find Globe Promo

To use or import this HNH File, See my other post : How To Use HTTP Net Header : Import HNH Config

To see other HNH Files, See List of HNH Config Files

If you have any concerns regarding this HNH Config for Globe and TM, leave your comment below.

Credit : GarzKingJames of phcorner

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