How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Huawei Mate 10

Want to restore data in HUAWEI Mate10 but not know how to start? Many users are likely to encounter this problem. Upgrade the phone system, rooting, delete the phone's data and other operations are likely to make the important data deleted, which is undeniable. We can't stop these mistake, but we can solve it. If you do not use the powerful data deletion software to delete the data in the phone, lost or deleted data can be restored by software that is Android Data Recovery.

You can use Android Data Recovery to solve your problem, because the function of the software is to recover lost or deleted data. It is compatible with a variety of Android devices, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, ZTE, SONY, OPPO, LG, etc., more than 6000 Android devices can use it. In addition, it supports contacts, text messages, music, photos, videos, call history and other documents. It can provide you with an easy way to recover data, even if the data is lost in a bad situation. Its strong recovery ability has been praised by people, so it is also known as the world's first data recovery software for Android smartphones and tablets.

Please click to free download the Android Data Recovery, and follow the below steps to recover deleted data from Huawei Mate 10.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Your Huawei Mate 10

Step 1. Connect your HUAWEI Mate 10 to the computer

First, you need to download the Android Data Recovery to your computer, you can click on the download button. Then, install and run it according to its tips. Next, find and click "Data Recovery" from the main interface.

Next, use a USB cable to connect your HUAWEI Mate 10 to your computer. When the phone is detected by the program, you need to open the USB debugging on the phone to continue the next step.

Step 2. Select file type to scan

Then, the program will enter a new window. Here you can see all the file types, please check these items according to your needs. Then click on "Next".

Step 3. Scan your HUAWEI Mate 10 for the lost data

You also need to select a scan mode for your phone. The program will provide two modes, namely, the standard mode and advanced mode. The standard mode works faster than the advanced mode, so I suggest you choose it. When you select a mode, click "Start".

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted data on HUAWEI Mate 10

Program starts scanning your HUAWEI Mate10. At the end of the process, you can see all the scanned files. They are displayed on the window and you can preview them. Please check the file you want to restore, and then click "Recover".

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