How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OPPO R11

OPPO R11 has been popular since its launch, especially among young women. Its camera feature is the highlight of the OPPO R11. OPPO R11 equipped with 20 million pixel front camera and 20 million pixel rear camera. Users can use OPPO R11 to shoot high-quality photos, almost comparable to professional cameras.

So, have you ever thought that the photos you took seriously were accidentally deleted? Or are other data in the phone deleted or lost because of some accidents? Once these things happen, what should we do? How can I recover data that has been deleted or lost from OPPO R11? Please don't worry, to recover data from OPPO R11, what you need is just the Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery can be used with the latest Android system, so your OPPO R11 can fully use it to recover deleted data. In addition, Samsung, SONY, HUAWEI, ZTE and other Android devices can also use it. What's more, it supports SMS, photos, videos, music, contacts, call history, audio, and other data. No matter is file loss caused by accidental deletion, system upgrades, and even SD card issue, the data can be easily restored. Its operation is very simple. In addition, it is risk-free, and it doesn't damage or leak data in the phone.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from OPPO R11

Step 1. Run the software and connect OPPO R11 to the computer

First of all, you need to download dr.fone toolkit for Android on your computer. After you install and run it, you can see all the tools, and you need to tick "Data Recovery".

Then, connect your OPPO R11 to the computer via the USB line. In addition, you need to open USB debugging on your phone. Your phone can only be identified if you open the USB debugging.

If your Android os version is 4.2.2 or above, there will be a pop up message on your Android phone, tap on OK to allow USB debugging.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

After OPPO R11 is connected successfully, Android Data Recovery will display all the data types it supports to recover. By default, it has checked all the file types. Please check these file types according to your needs. And then click "Next".

Step 3. Select a scan mode

In the new window, you also need to select a scan mode. There are Standard mode and Advanced mode. We recommend you to try "Standard Mode" first, which works faster. If it doesn't find the files you are looking for, you can then try "Advanced Mode".Then click "Start".

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to continue. If not, just skip this step.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted data

When the scan is complete, you can see the OPPOR 11 have been deleted or lost data. These data are recoverable.  Check the items you want and click "Recover" to save them all on your computer.

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