BlueVPN : Free Internet Setup for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun

BlueVPN Free VPN in the Philippines

BlueVPN is one of the most popular free vpn service in the Philippines. According to their website, "BlueVPN provides a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a VPN connection all of your online data (emails, instant messages, data transfers, online banking) pass through our encrypted tunnel."

BlueVPN has the following features : DDOS Protection, Secure Transactions, Unlimited Internet, Stops Phishing Attack, Stay Anonymous, Easy To Use, 24x7x365 Support, Unblock Websites, Stops Malware, Download Torrents and Videos From Anywhere.

BlueVPN offers two free servers with free account. You can use BlueVPN for free internet or anonymity purposes. But this post will discuss on how to use BlueVPN to bypass Philippine ISPs for free internet.

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How to setup BlueVPN for Free Internet (Globe/TM, Smart/TNT and Sun Cellular)

* PC/Laptop-Windows, Android or iOS (iPhone)
* Pocket Wifi/USB-Stick Modem/B593 Modem openline/B22 modem/OT350 Ultera modems/Tether-Hotspot mobile/936 modem
* Anykind of openline modem/mobile.

BlueVPN Client Download:
Visit BlueVPN download page -
To download the specific bluevpn client for your device, press Ctrl+F in your browser and input the keyword of your device:
"FOR PC/Laptop" - if you are using computer or laptop with USB dongle, Pocket WiFi or 936 Modem as mode of connection.
"FOR ANDROID PHONES ONLY" - if you are using Android phone or device with a sim slot.
"FOR IOS/ANDROID(OPENVPN CONNECT)" - if you are using OpenVPN Connect for iPhone and OpenVPN for Android.

Find the latest client which is usually placed on the latter part of each platforms.
As of October 2017, these are the latest BlueVPN Clients according to each platforms:
FOR PC/Laptop - BlueVpn Gui v5.0- with Shadowsocks servers
FOR IOS/ANDROID(OPENVPN CONNECT) - BlueVpn iOS/Android - TNT/TM Promos, MGC w/ VIP servers v2.4

Visit and join BlueVPN Facebook Group Page and search for the keyword "free account" or "bluevpnfree4all" by using FB group search engine to keep updated for the latest BlueVPN free account.

APN Setup:
For Globe/TM (Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao):
APN : (no load required but expect a slow internet speed due to speed capping).

For TNT (Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao):
APN : internet

For Sun Cellular (Luzon/Visayas/Mindanao):
APN : mms

For Smart (Visayas/Mindanao):
APN : internet

REGISTER to a Promo according to your sim:

1. Configure APN first, edit your APN according to your chosen network (please refer to the list of networks APN posted above).
2. Plugin your favorite modem, or open the Mobile Data of your smartphone.
3. Download and run BlueVPN Client. Look for 'Install Adapter' for PC users only.
4. Now, enter BlueVPN free account. (please refer to the BlueVPN Free Account posted above).
5. After entering the account details. Choose "FREE SERVER 1" or "FREE SERVER 2".
6. Then CHOOSE your Network.
7. Click "Connect", and you're done.

You can now browse different sites and download direct links EXCEPT FOR TORRENTS.

To connect to different servers or torrent servers, you must have a premium account. To avail PREMIUM ACCOUNT, look for resellers or subresellers with available vouchers at
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      • All ISPs are able to block your sim if you download more than 2GB. So, always monitor your download.

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