How To Restore Files, Photos, Video And Important Data Deleted On Android?

Restore Deleted Files On Android - Almost all Android phones on the market provide three important storage for storing new data.

Important storage includes SIM card, internal memory and external memory.
Buddy may store some important data in the storage such as photos, music, videos, apps and more.

Then, what if the important data is erased from the storage in android pal?

Friend may panic and wonder, how to restore data, files and photos deleted or lost from the android storage?

Relax - files, photos and deleted data can be returned easily.

Previously my friend must know anything that causes files and data in android can be erased.

Some of the reasons:
  •     Intentionally deleted messages, contacts, photos and data from Android
  •     Data is lost after rooting Android device.
  •     Flashing ROM on Android devices.
  •     Data is deleted after restoring Android to factory settings.
  •     Device is corrupted or can not access data on Android.
For that follow in detail the guide how to restore files, photos, and deleted data on this android if you want everything is back.

How to Restore Deleted Files On Android?
There are several ways to help restore all or some of the deleted valuable files.

This guide covers two different ways to recover deleted files such as SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. from your Android device.

Ok, if my friend can not wait again want to know how to restore files, photos, and important data deleted in android we just discuss one by one from both ways.

If your android buddy not in the root will be a little hard to restore deleted files in android pal.

If you want to do root try the easy way Root android without this PC.

But if my friend does not want to do Root, my friend can still restore files, photos and important data in android pal.

There's a cool Piriform-made app to restore deleted files. The application is named Recuva.

This application is very powerful to restore files, photos and pentig data on android. Even this application has been recommended by the forums android in google plus.

You must first download the application Here

If so, follow the steps below: Download Connect your Android to PC with USB cable or Card reader.
  • Make sure your Android memory is detected, then open the Recuva app.
  • Select the file type you want to restore, select All files if you want to restore all types of files that exist in the SD Card.
  • Select in the drive where the location of the file you want to return. Select In a specific location if you want to select a memory location. Select I'm Not Sure if you forget the location of the file you want to restore.
  • Click check Enable Deep Scan if you want more in-depth file search.
  • After that Click Start to start searching deleted files. Now all you have to do is wait until the deleted file is found.
  • If the deleted file has been found by Recuva, then the task buddy is to click the check on the file, then right click and select the Recover Checked menu.
  • Then select on which drive buddy will save the file, for example in photo, then click OK.
  • After finished move the files that have been saved in the PC earlier to your android pal.
  • Done

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