SEAGunZ : Your Old School GunZ Online Private Server

SEAGunZ : Your Old School GunZ Online Private Server

Remember GunZ: The Duel (International by MAIET Entertainment) way back 2006-2007 which arose popularity in Philippines and in the whole world in the scene of online third-person shooting game? If yes, you are probably finding a good server who revived it the way you want, SEAGunZ a private GunZ server brings back the thrill of the old school GunZ Online this time! Enjoy non-stop shooting and slashing, k-style, butterfly, grinding quests, fun events and many more!

SEAGunZ is administered by a Filipino GunZ gamer who want to serve GunZ players not only in the Philippines, but also in South East Asia as well as the whole world. SEAGunZ is a fast paced action game, adrenaline rush guaranteed and for hardcore gamers.

SEAGunZ Server Information

X5 EXP Rate
Anti-lead enabled (something like anti-miss, you can hit a player even if he is lag)
New game modes
Singapore-based Server
Low-ping guaranteed for South-East Asia residents
Competitive players
Fair and friendly staff
Tournaments guaranteed
SEAGunZ Shop

SEAGunZ Registration Link:

SEAGunZ Download Links (Installer size: 427MB): OneDrive | Google Drive | MEGA | Mediafire | up to date SEAGunZ download links

SEAGunZ Trailer

To know more about SEAGunZ information, current events and announcements, you can visit their official website and their official Facebook Page - SEA Gunz.

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