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Andoid Service - For some smartphone users, the term cache may no longer sound unfamiliar. But for the uninitiated, the cache is a memory or temporary storage and aims to speed up access to various applications or websites that are often accessed on a smartphone.

Simply, cache works to speed up loading of an app or website. On the other hand, the bad impact of the cache is to make the internal memory get full fast. The larger the size of the application, the larger the cache depleted storage.

No wonder when the memory capacity is running low, some people try to clear the cache. But of course there are side effects of these actions.

Well if you are confused want to clear the cache or not, there are a number of things that can be taken into consideration.

1. Good effect of clearing cache

One of the good effects of removing the cache is making the smartphone feel lighter. This is related to the internal memory capacity. Once the cache is deleted, automatic space in the internal memory will increase and make the smartphone feel more comfortable to use.

In addition, applications that are usually frequent errors such as jams or lag, can also return to run better.

Not infrequently the user lazy to clear the cache for fear that all stored data is erased and lost. If you are one of them, there really is nothing to worry about.

The cache is just trash, so you'll never lose any data after deleting it.

2. The "bad" effect clears the cache

While overall removing the cache does not adversely affect the smartphone, but there are other effects that may not be liked by everyone. Because when the cache is deleted, application loading will be longer than before.

It really does not need to worry because it is only temporary. But it is a little annoying if you have to wait longer than usual.

Another effect is the battery will quickly drain after clearing the cache. This is because the system must start again from the beginning, so it requires more power than to restart or access the memory that has been stored. That's why the battery feels more drained after performing the cache removal.

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