Advan G1 FRP Bypass

Advan G1 FRP bypass, most of Android Lollipop has same way to bypass the FRP. Here we will show you how to baypass FRP on Advan G1 Pro. It's very easy to do and just few steps to bypass it. At first time, you need to download APK below (see your Android version, it's Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat. Because it has different way to bypass FRP).

How to Bypass FRP Advan G1

  1. Turn on Advan G1 Pro and enable internet connection (use data or wifi)
  2. On first screen, select Emergency Call
  3. Type any number and highlight it
  4. Another menu will appear on top the number that you typed
  5. Select Assist menu that can be access from 3 dot menu (right side)
  6. Now you should landed on Google with voice feature
  7. Type Files to access file manager
  8. After file manager opened, now install Google Account Manager and QuickShortcut
  9. After install QuickShortcut finished, open the application
  10. Search for Google Account Manager, select that has description Type Email and Password
  11. Click on Try to open Gmail
  12. On the top right you will 3 dotted, select on it and choose login from browser
  13. From here you can login with other email or create new email
  14. After finished, reboot your phone if neccessary
This methods works for most Android Lollipop device, but sometimes has different way to access the file manager. Yes, the important is how to access file manager when your device get locked by FRP (Factory Reset Protections)

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