Advan S4Z Hard Reset

Today, we will show you Advan S4Z hard reset and when you have to do it. At first, we need to hard reset because forgot pattern lock or bootloop that caused by not enough memory. Damage system won't fix using hard reset methode, you need to update / flash Advan S4Z.

Advan S4Z Hard Reset

  1. Turn off your Advan S4Z
  2. Power on then imediately press volume down
  3. Keep pressing until advan logo appear
  4. Release power on button but still keep volume down pressed
  5. Wipe data / factory reset
  6. Confirm yes by pressing power button
  7. Now reboot system now
If your phone still locked with pattern lock after hard reset means, eMMC fault and you have to replace it. But for Advan bootloop symptom problem after hard reset not fix it, then you should update or flash Advan S4Z that you download advan S4Z firmware from here.

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