How to Post Photo or Images on Instagram Using Computer

This trick was found by myself and still works until this post published. There are many ways described on the internet how to post photo or images on Instagram using computer but most of them not work anymore. Instagram was modified the scripts so, you can't use it from computer except using this methods. They are focused on mobile devices.
If you don't have PC, just download instagram APK from here and install it on your mobile device but here we will show you how to post on Instagram using PC. Here there are the steps:

How to Post Photo or Images on Instagram Using Computer

  1. Use Google Chrome
  2. Open Instagram and point to your profile, eg;
  3. Right click in anywhere in instagram page
  4. Select Inspect (hot key for chrome is Ctrl+Shift+i)
  5. Click on tab Element at your Chrome and Find "camera" without quotes (hot key for find is Ctrl+F)
  6. Replace or delete the CameraInActive become CameraActive
  7. And Now refresh the Instagram page, you should see camera icon at top menu
For edit text in the element tab, just right click and select Edit text. This step is for copy and paste the code before and after modify. For easy way, you can see the picture below:

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