Spreadtrum Driver

Today many mobile devices has Spdreadtrum CPU inside that mean you have to download SPD driver below to be able connect to PC both for flashing or Debugging purposes. Unfortunately, for Windows 64bit you have to disable driver signature.

Disable Driver Signature

There a 2 (two) ways to disable driver signature, the first is temporary that mean you have to set every PC shutdown or restart. Press F8 when PC boot-up from beginning. The second way, is by entering command in DOS prompt
bcdedit /set testsigning on
bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

Spreadtrum Driver Install

1. After download driver bellow just extract them
2. Execute the DPInst.exe to install SPD driver.
3. Or, you can manually install the driver
4. Restart Computer if necessary

Spreadtrum driver pack from CM2
SPD New Drivers
SPD SCI Android USB Driver
Spreadtrum Driver

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