Firmware Mito A19 2GB and 1GB Official Spreadtrum CPU

Firmware Mito A19 Download for 2GB and 1GB RAM. Mito A19 has Spreadtrum CPU so, you should use UpgradeDownload (mirror download) and SPD driver to update or flash Mito A19. Mito A19 firmware are Official release and course it's safe for repair dead Mito A19.

How to work with UpgradeDownload?
  1. Download ResearchDownload
  2. Download Spreadtrum driver and install
  3. Open Program and select "Load Packet" to select desire firmware
  4. Now go to "Setting" choose "Backup" tab and un-check "NV-Item Backup" (if failed to update but it is not recommended)
  5. If all is ok, now select "Start Downloading" button
  6. Attach your phone to computer (use boot-key if any)

RAM 1GB_MITO_A19_FW_25-08-2017_V007
RAM 2GB_MITO_A19_HD_25-08-2017_V007

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