Redmi 4 Prime (markw) Bypass Mi Cloud - One Click Solution

Bypass Mi Cloud Redmi 4 Prime not Redmi 4 Prada, you can check whether yours is Prime or Prada with Mi Account Unlock Tool. This file has been tested and work without any problem and it's safe (won't cause Redmi 4 Prime dead).

How to Remove Mi Cloud Redmi 4 Prime?

  1. Download Redmi 4 Prime Mi Cloud Tool below
  2. Extract them
  3. Install driver (you can install from MiFlash or Mi Suite) or download Qualcomm 9008 driver
  4. Open program and attach your Redmi 4 Prime in EDL Mode
  5. Maybe you must re-attach if this the first you attach and install driver
  6. Select Clean Mi Cloud from program and hit enter
  7. Wait until process finish (it's took lest than a minute)
With all respect, this file are free! Just type your email below (in comment) and we will send the password for free.

Redmi 4 Prime (MARKW) Mi Cloud Bypass Firmware

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