Redmi Note 4 MTK Hard Reset Forgot Pattern Lock (Lupa Pola)

There are NO combination key for Redmi Note 4 Hard Reset, you have to update or flash Redmi Note 4 MTK only userdata.img (do not full flash Redmi Note 4 because it may bricked!). Read carefully our steps to remove pattern lock at Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK.

Redmi Note 4 Hard Reset

  1. Download SP Flashtool 5.1628 and MTK driver
  2. Firmware Redmi Note 4 MTK below (First, you can give a try for firmware with userdata.img only, if not work try to download the full firmware, but still flash only userdata.img)
  3. Open SP Flashtool and load scatter
  4. Press "Download" button and attach Redmi Note 4 MTK (press only volume up button when attach the device)

    why use volume up, because to avoid:
    [ERROR] BROM ERROR status_da_exceed_max_num

  5. Computer will install MTK driver or you can manually install it
  6. After flash finished, unplug Redmi Note 4 from PC and turn on the device

Remember this action may not remove Redmi Note 4 Mi Account, you have to full flash to remove Mi Account from device.


Firmware Redmi Note 4 Only Userdata.img
Full Firmware Redmi Note 4

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