Samsung S8 and S8 Plus Firmware

Remember that when you update Samsung with present Android OS version it will locked and ask previous email. If you forgot email, you can flash or Update Samsung S8 using combination firmware first, then official firmware (normal firmware for end-user).

There are now new method for update Samsung newest model with the older one, as usual you can update or flash Samsung S8 using Odin.

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus Update Steps:

  1. Download Samsung Odin and Samsung driver
  2. Extract Odin and install driver
  3. Attach your Samsung S8 (in download mode; how to enter download mode? Press and hold volume down + home button and power on, press volume up to confirm enter download mode)
  4. Load firmware and then "Start" button at Odin to flash Samsung S8 and waitu until update finish
For flashing Samsung S8 combination firmware you can read them here but actually it's the same methods. Password:

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