Redmi 4X Mi Cloud or Mi Account Remove (Safe and Fast)

Redmi 4X bypass Mi Account firmware is ready to download. No need bootloader unlock or re-update after flashing with this Redmi 4X firmware (because this is partial and only tz region will be updated) so, you need to enter download mode not fastboot mode. Below how to enter download mode on Redmi 4X.

Redmi 4X Download Mode (EDL) Procedures:

  1. Turn off Redmi 4X
  2. Press and hold volume up and power on, release power on after MI logo apppear on screen and keep pressing volume up until you see factory menu
  3. Select Download (not fastboot or recovery menu). You can change the language at bottom right menu.
  4. If this not force your device in download mode, you should shorting 2 pins, see image below

    - Open Redmi 4X
    - Short 2 pins and insert USB cable (after detected QS-USB 9008 release test point)

Redmi 4X Mi Cloud or Mi Account Remove

  1. After your device detected in EDL mode (see above procedures)
  2. Open MiFlash
  3. Load folder by clicking browse menu MiFlash
  4. Refresh if MiFlash still not detect your device
  5. Now press Flash button and wait until process finished

Remember, this action may delete all user data and this tested only on Redmi 4X santoni. This Bypass Mi Account file are exclusive for our visitor and free no password!

Redmi 4X Mi Cloud or Mi Account Remove File

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